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Sole Distributor:

Welcome to Fischer-Kfz!

We are specialised in the two 250cc bikes Suzuki RGV 250 and Aprilia RS 250.

We offer all kinds of services on these highly sensitive 2-stroke engines. We permanently stock standard and tuned exchange engines for these types and we are able to deliver most common spare parts in Germany within three days!

FischerKFZ has over 15 years of experience in sport racing and is thus familiar with all problems and potentials of these great bikes. We are well known for several inventions and utility patents, especially our steady exhaust valves have been chosen of thousands of satisfied customers.

We offer the exhaust systems of JL Exhaust Systems and TYGA Performance, for which we are general importer in Germany. Also we distribute the well known Jolly Moto systems.

We overhaul/rework your damaged parts. You send in your old parts (cylinders, crank shafts, exhaust valves or entire engines) and receive reworked exchange parts in return.

We purchase complete RGV or RS 250 bikes, roadworthy or with engine troubles, to stock material for our reworked exchange parts.

Our homepage contains all information about our products and prices and provides you with some interesting tips and background knowledge about your bike.

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