Tuningsolutions for Suzuki RGV250 and Aprilia RS250

We have three different kits to tune your Suzuki RGV250 or Aprilia RS250.

Furthermore, we offer various additional services like cylinder port optimisations, rework the cylinder to perpendical sparkplug or airflow optimisation of the crankcase.

We deliver within three days.

Tuning Kits

Product Price
Kit 1 138,04 € w/o VAT
no changes to the engine necessary
  • racing air filter SP
  • Boyesen power reeds
  • optimized main jets
Kit 2 530,74 € w/o VAT
cooling water must be drained to remove cylinder heads
  • KIT 1 +
  • cylinder head gaskets
  • cylinder head with vertical spark plug
  • spherical combustion chamber
Kit 3 712,81 € w/o VAT
cylinders must be removed (the engine may remain in the bike)
  • KIT 2 +
  • optimized cylinder timing edges
  • modified timing, compression, pinch point (squeeze area)
  • includes all sealings (SP)
  • the port timing is adjusted to the type of purpose (road, partly racing, racing)


Product Price
optimize ports 82,11 € w/o VAT
(per cylinder)
processed cylinder head:
flow optimized,
spherical combustion chamber
and adjusted compression
82,11 € w/o VAT
(per cylinder)
cylinder head (modified, with vertical sparc plug)
flow optimized, spherical combustion chamber
and adjusted compression

165,41 € w/o VAT
(per cylinderhead)
airflow optimization of the crankcase 236,81 € w/o VAT
(per engine)


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Product Price
SP piston (Production Racer)
complete set with ring and piston pin
165,41 € w/o VAT
(per piston)
Boyesen power reeds SP
proprietary development: these SP variant is available only at FischerKFZ and is manufactured by Boyesen exclusively for us.

94,01 € w/o VAT
(per engine)
Racing Air Cleaner
20,23 € w/o VAT
(per engine)
The prices for the systems do not include silencers!
JL Exhaust Systems, Stainless Steel