Exchange Parts

For cylinders, crankshafts and exhaust valves we offer renewed and reinforced parts in exchange for your used ones.

Cylinder Services

Product Price
newly coated cylinders with correct edge-processing and back-sharpend exhaust bridge (in exchange)
coating cylinder (in exchange) without processing 201,11 € w/o VAT
deposition-weld cylinderdeposition-weld cylinder 46,41 € w/o VAT
back-sharpen exhaust bridgeback-sharpen exhaust bridge* 46,41 € w/o VAT
chamfer and deburr cylinder* 17,85 € w/o VAT
cylinder head smoothing* (by lathe) 29,75 € w/o VAT
*) This services are necessary for reliability (e.g. to avoid further piston damage)

Crankshafts in Exchange

Product Price
Examined Crankshaft:
all ball bearings and slide gaskets are refreshed
the pressed taps are deposition-weld and
pressed again with a force of about 90kN
(that corresponds with about 9 metric tons -
original parts are squeezed with 2.5 metric tons)
this guarantees absolut torsional strength
522,41 € w/o VAT
(per shaft)

Exhaust Valves in Exchange

Product Price
Renewal and reinforcement of used exhaust valves in exchange. You send us your used valves and get back renewed valves.
renewed and reinforced exhaust valves 65,45 € w/o VAT
(per piece)
if the middle piece must be replaced 94,01 € w/o VAT
(per piece)
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